For Good Health You Can See

If your pet has hair issues or rough skin, it may be an indicator he or she is not be getting enough nutrients. Symptoms such as hair loss, thinning coats, dullness, dry skin, thickened skin, matted hair, infections, and odors can usually be traced back to either a shortage or an excess of a specific nutrient. But don’t worry, AvoDerm can help provide nutritious meals! Avocados are a great source of good fats and antioxidants that can help produce healthy skin and a beautiful coat. If your pet’s skin and coat are in good condition, it’s a sign your pet is getting the right nutrition.

Your Dog’s and Cat’s Most Valuable Organ

The largest, most exposed, most vulnerable organ your dog and cat have is their skin and coat. Yes, your dog’s and cat’s skin and coat really do constitute an organ, performing many tasks vital to your dog’s and cat’s survival. Warmth, maintain body temperature, and protection against parasites, infections, and the elements are a few of its functions. Subject to constant attack by everything they protect your dog and cat from, your dog’s and cat’s skin and coat have some exceptional nutritional needs in order to maintain their health.

For Balanced Nutrition in the Right Proportions

It’s hard to be cute with skin problems. Most skin and coat problems are connected to specific dietary imbalances. Provided in quality, abundance, and balance, the nutrients found in AvoDerm Natural have specific roles to play. Avocados are rich in potassium; folate; vitamins A, C, E, and B6; and riboflavin. On top of all that, avocados are also:

Quality Protein

There are 18 amino acids in avocados, including eight that make it a complete protein. That’s right, protein power from a fruit!

Did you know? Hair is made of protein, and hundreds of thousands of growing hairs can add 60 feet of total new hair length every day. Slower growth, brittle hairs, a thinner coat, a change in color, mange mites, scaling, crusting, and acne have all been linked to insufficient dietary protein.

Healthy Fat

Low-fat levels may lead to dry, itchy skin. Avocados are rich in omega fatty acids that may help your pet’s skin.

Your dog’s and cat’s skin and coat need certain kinds of oils, which their body produces using essential fatty acids. Without the right kind of dietary fat, your dog’s and cat’s body will over-produce oils of very poor quality, creating a greasy, matted condition and unappreciated odor.


Loaded with 20 vitamins and minerals, avocados are a great source of antioxidants that are important to support a healthy immune system.

Skin cells need Vitamin A to mature and maintain themselves. Too much or too little can cause a callous-like thickening of the skin and hair follicles. Skin infections will increase as well.

Vitamin E adds stability to skin cells and helps keep them from breaking down. Seborrhea, or dandruff, has been connected to inadequate amounts of Vitamin E.

Juicy Avocado Facts

  • Some think avocados are a vegetable, but they’re actually a fruit
  • In some areas, avocados are known as the alligator pear because of the fruit’s pebbly, rough exterior
  • The flesh of the fruit has a texture likened to a firm ripe banana: smooth and buttery, with a faintly nutty flavor
  • Harvested from tall trees, avocados are grown in groves
  • Avocados grow in pairs
  • While they grow on trees, avocados don’t ripen until they are taken off the tree
  • Avocados are grown in tropical climates, primarily California, Hawaii, Florida, and Mexico
  • Avocados are in season in winter

Our Story Starts with Extra Avocados

AvoDerm is formulated and produced by Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods, an innovator in producing high-quality pet foods since 1947.

AvoDerm was created when a chance encounter with a local co-op farmer who had excess avocados produced the idea of combining healthy pet food with the avocado super-food. The company (Breeder’s Choice) did extensive research and found the nutrient-dense avocado could not only help provide a healthy pet food but could also help promote healthier skin and coat, and launched AvoDerm dog and cat food in 1982.

The rest, as they say, is history, with AvoDerm helping pets lead healthy lives for more than 30 years.

Are Avocados Safe For Dogs and Cats? Yes!

AvoDerm dog and cat foods contain avocado meal and avocado oil as ingredients that have proven to be both beneficial and safe for your pet. Over the years there has been misinformation and confusion regarding avocado safety for dogs and cats. Avocados are generally safe for dogs and cats as long as you don’t feed them in the pit which can be a choking hazard.

The confusion arises from the fact that avocados contain a substance called persin. Persin is a substance found in the avocado pit, skin, bark, and leaves of certain varieties. Persin is harmful to some animals — birds, rabbits, horses, and goats, just to name a few. However, there have been no reported cases of avocado poisoning in dogs and cats.

As Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM, noted on her Pet Health Resource Blog, “Those of you whose canine and feline companions enjoy the occasional avocado indulgence can breathe a sigh of relief: persin does not adversely affect dogs or cats.

And while avocados are safe for dogs and cats, AvoDerm Natural is only made with the flesh or oil of avocados so you can feel (extra) safe to provide all the benefits of the avocado superfood to your dogs and cats. Over 30 years of problem-free consumption combined with the rave reviews of our customers about the use of these products indicate that AvoDerm foods are not only safe for dogs and cats but also provide vital nutrients for skin and coat health.